The safety of your personal data is important to us. For this reason, we invite you to carefully read below the Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies to better understand how we use your personal data and your rights related to it.

Updated: 04 November 2020

This Privacy Policy governs the treatment of your Personal Data (as defined in the subsequent ART.2) when you visit the website www.evaneth.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), when you browse through its pages or use its services, regardless of the fact that you purchase or less the Products sold on the Website.

The holder of the treatment of the data collected on the Website is SHEZEN srl, with registered office in Via Toscana, 4, 56035 Lari (PI), Italy, VAT no. 01932760505, (hereinafter referred to as “SHEZEN”) that establishes the rules with which will be treated your Personal Data and the adoption of safety procedures aimed at ensuring privacy, integrity and availability of collected data.

In this document SHEZEN will be indicated with the name EVANETH, that is the brand name under which it exerts the sales activity on the Website.
The collection by EVANETH of your Personal Data through the Website is in compliance with the laws on data protection in the countries in which the Website is active and in particular with the European Privacy Regulation or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679).

EVANETH adopted relevant technical and organizational measures to ensure the implementation of the rules occurring in the aforesaid Regulation so as to ensure an adequate security and confidentiality in the treatment of your Personal Data.
This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to Personal Data collected by EVANETH through the Website and relating services.

The personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) that you provide to us may include: name and surname, date of birth, sex, age, user name, email address, phone number, shipping address, billing address.

The IP address of your device may be registered when you place an order on the Website.

EVANETH may collect and process your Personal Data in the following cases:
• when you register on the Website through the creation of an account that may be used for the purchase of products on the Website;
• when you place an order on the Website;
• when you subscribe, prior explicit consent, to specific additional services such as marketing activities, market research and statistics data that can include: newsletter receiving, participation in competitions, extractions, receiving of personalized communications regarding products, events, services and other promotional activities which may be of particular interest to you;
• when you complete a survey or send comments and feedback on the products of the Website or on any page or section belonging to the Website;
• when you request information and explanations about the services or activities of the Website through the contact form on the pages of the Website.

In any case, if you have given consent to the use of your Personal Data you can revoke your consent previously provided or oppose to the use of one or more of the contact methods indicated above, in conformity with what is indicated to the subsequent ART. 4, 6 and 10 of this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies.

The treatment operations performed by EVANETH, through the Website will not regard, in any case, special categories of data, such as sensitive data (personal data that can perceive racial or ethnic origin, genetic data, data concerning health etc.) or judiciary data.

EVANETH could treat your Personal Data for the following purposes:

• For managing your registration as a user of the Website;
• For fulfilling and processing of your purchase or service contract with EVANETH on Website, for the accounting and tax related activities and for the management of correspondence and communication services;
• For sending communications on products added to cart but not purchased on Website;
• For managing and improving the services offered through the Website;
• For customizing the content of the Website for your needs and preferences;
• For managing the security of the Website and the data collected through the Website;
• For providing other services requested by you;
• For internal operations of the Website, including data analysis, experimentation, research, market research, for statistical purposes and for troubleshooting;
• For providing information about products and services offered by EVANETH that could be of your interest.
• For measuring and understanding the effectiveness of advertising that the Website may provide;
• In order to prevent, detect and prosecute cases of fraud, security breaches and violations of the law and other misuse of the Website and to ensure compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Website;
• For complying with legal obligations, including the fight against money laundering, fraud of credit cards and the fight against counterfeiting;
• For dealing with any investigations, correspondence or complaints raised;
• For establishing, exercising or defending a right in judicial proceedings.

EVANETH could treat your Personal Data for direct marketing and/or profiling purposes with your explicit consent. Such data treatment could use tools of automatic processing of Personal Data for extracting inferential and subsequent data on your behalf, in particular to analyze or predict aspects concerning your behavior, reliability, interests and personal preferences.

evaneth.commits to protect your Personal Data by storing them on secure servers and by technical and organizational security measures to reduce the risk of loss, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration, as required by applicable laws.

EVANETH declares not to resell, grant in use or disclose nominatives, addresses, email addresses or other information that may be cataloged as Personal Data to entities other than EVANETH, except for the cases in which this communication is required by law or is necessary for the purposes provided for by the law, for which no consent is required from the person; in these cases the Personal Data may be made available to third parties that will process it in an autonomous manner and exclusively for the above purposes.
If you made a purchase on the Website, your Personal Data will be kept for all the necessary time to comply with the applicable laws in respect of the warranty and the safety of the product and/or to carry out a follow-up with you about the results of the usage of the product and give you an excellent post-sale service.

EVANETH respects storage periods required by the applicable laws and regulations. If your Personal Data is no longer needed to provide you a service or you have explicitly requested that your Personal Data to be deleted, your Personal Data may be stored in an anonymously format to comply with the applicable regulations.

If you have access to restricted areas of the Website through the use of a password, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. It is desirable that you do not share your password with anyone. EVANETH cannot guarantee and does not declare that the Internet transmission is 100% secure or error free. EVANETH therefore cannot guarantee that the information supplied by you will not be intercepted during transmission via the Internet. EVANETH is not responsible for the actions of third parties.

Your Personal Data will be accessible within the EVANETH organization only to a limited number of authorized persons that must have the necessary information to the completion of specific tasks: orders and shipments management, customer service management, commercial management, legal services.

For reasons of services efficiency, offered by the Website, your Personal Data may be transferred to third parties that operate both inside and outside the European Community with adequate warranties and always in respect of Personal Data safety and in conformity with European regulations on privacy:
• Suppliers and collaborators of logistic, transportation and delivery services: for the fulfillment of contracts (for example: order processing, shipments, billing, affiliate programs and rewards).
• Providers of online payments: in order to be able to safely run payments for any orders that have been placed on the Website.
• Suppliers of technological services: for management, improvement and optimization of the Website;
• Companies specialized in the detection and prevention of fraud: for the application of the law or regulatory agencies, or authorized third parties in response to a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity or any other activity through the Website which could expose EVANETH and/or yourself or other third parties to legal risks or responsibilities;
• Financial Institutions: for a possible merger, acquisition or sale of business assets. Where such a combination would occur, we ask that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies with respect to the collected Personal Data.
• Suppliers of services related to customer service;

Subject to your prior and explicit consent, EVANETH may also share your Personal Data with third parties for processing of profiling and marketing activities, in particular for the promotion of products, services, or events that may be of your interest.
In order to better understand how the providers of services of third parties may use your personal data please refer to the links below:

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-prev
Stripe: https://stripe.com/gb/privacy
TNT: https://www.tnt.it/contents/privacy-cookie/protezione-dati-pers.html
Mailchimp : https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/
Tawk.to: https://www.tawk.to/privacy-policy/

It is possible that EVANETH would process the Personal Data of third parties, communicated directly by you to EVANETH, as for example when purchasing a product that must be delivered to another person, or when the person who pays a product is different from the final recipient of the product itself. You are required to ask the consent of that person before you communicate his/her Personal Data to EVANETH and inform him/her about the Privacy Policy of EVANETH.

Any transfer of Personal Data will be subject to obligations of confidentiality and safety aimed exclusively at the execution of the above-mentioned obligations.

Below are your rights related to your Personal Data collected by EVANETH:

1. Access: you have the right to ask to have access to your Personal Data collected by EVANETH.
2. Rectification: you have the right to ask to rectify or delete your Personal Data collected by EVANETH, or held by subjects to which the Personal Data has been communicated or that may have come to knowledge (unless EVANETH does not have the legal right or obligation of conservation);
3. Opposition: you have the right to oppose to the processing of Personal Data that concerns you. Particularly:
• The right to oppose to the processing of Personal Data that concerns you for research purposes or for statistical purposes;
• The right to oppose in any moment to the processing of Personal Data that concerns you for direct marketing purposes, including profiling if this is connected to such direct marketing;
4. Limitation of treatment : you have the right to limit the use of your Personal Data; for example you can ask the only storage of your Personal Data with the exclusion of any other use.
5. Portability: you have the right to receive your Personal Data in a structured format, to be able to transmit it directly to another company, if that technically possible.

If you are a registered user on the Website you can access your personal online profile via the “My Account” section and change the registered information.
Providing us with your Personal Data by any means, you ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of it and you commit to notify us of any changes.

Any loss or damage caused to the Website or to a third party due to erroneous, incorrect or incomplete information, reported in registration forms will be the exclusive responsibility of the user.
If considered necessary for the purposes of your identification, you will need to prove your identity before having access to your Personal Data held by EVANETH.

If for any reason you should not be satisfied with the way in which EVANETH has managed your Personal Data, please contact EVANETH as specified at the ART. 10.

You always have the right to submit a complaint with the competent surveillance authority in the case of violation of the applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy, in particular of the European regulation on privacy but also of other regulations applicable.

The Website is not intended for minors and EVANETH does not knowingly and intentionally collect nor retains any Personal Data from minors, or under the age of 18 years. If a user reasonably considers that EVANETH can be in possession of Personal Data concerning children less then 18 years, please contact us at EVANETH c/o SHEZEN srl, Via dell’Industria – Palazzo Velathri, San Pietro in Palazzi -57023 Cecina (LI), or send an email message to contact@evaneth.com.

Our Website uses cookies, as most web sites, to help us provide you with the best possible browsing experience.

Cookies are small text files that a website preserves in the browser of the user and contains information relating to the user navigation on such website. The information stored in the cookies used by EVANETH are not defined as Personal Data and are directly and automatically collected by the Website and are anonymously processed.

Cookies can contain the following types of information: device ID, device type, connection information, browser type, browser language, traffic data to and from the Website, referring URL, addresses of the pages you visit and other information about your user experience on the Website with the preferences expressed during the choice of services and purchase of products offered by the Website.

EVANETH does not connect the collected standard information to any element that allows it to identify users, unless this is necessary to enforce respect of the terms and conditions of service or even to protect the service, the Website and users against the risk of fraud when eventually purchasing of products on the Website.

The information stored in the cookies and identified as “Third party cookies”, are managed by external entities to provide services requested by EVANETH to improve its services and the experience of Website’s user navigation. The main services for which these “third party cookies” are used:
• the statistics on traffic associated with the Website
• security on payment transactions
• access to Website with Social account data

Type of cookies

Generally, cookies can be classified in: persistent cookies and session cookies.

Persistent cookies remain on a device until they are deleted manually or automatically. Persistent cookies used by EVANTH have a duration from 0 to 10 years.

Session cookies remain on a device until you close the browser and in this way are automatically deleted.

EVANETH could use the following types of persistent and session cookies:

1. Necessary Cookies: are essential for the Website to function properly and for providing you with the requested services and do not require your prior consent. If these cookies were blocked, you would not be able to make use of the services offered by the Website.
2. Analytics cookies : are third party cookies and allow us to measure and analyze how visitors use the Website in order to constantly improve the Website and your experience of navigation through the Website.

Some of the saved data is: the number of times that a user visited the Website, the date of the first and of the last visit, visit duration, the page from which the user has logged into the Website, the most visited pages and the pages from which users receive error messages, search engine used by the user to access the Website or link on which has clicked, the place from which the user has logged in, device identification (PC, phone, tablet), etc.

The data collected shall be used to compile anonymous usage profiles who provide the basic web statistics and are not associated in any way with any Personal Data of Website’s users. The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google and the generated information on the use of the Website will be transmitted to and stored by Google. So, we recommend you consult the page of Google Analytics dedicated to privacy and the use of cookies, for more information on cookies and how to disable them.
These cookies are not essential for the Website functioning and to use them your consent will be asked. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time.

3. Functional cookies: are cookies managed by third parties on behalf of EVANETH to offer some advanced simplified and customized features and optimize your experience on the Website:
• to share information with other Websites, media partners and social networks to deliver you advanced services, relevant promotions and advertising communications that meet your interests (such as social media cookies – sharing content, login with social account).
• Store your choices and/or preferences (such as the user name, the language of the browser, the list of favorite products in your account, etc.)
Some of these cookies are essential for the functioning of the Website and your consent will be asked before we use them. Disabling these cookies may cancel the features offered by third parties designed to optimize your experience on the Website.

The information collected by these third parties are not covered by this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies. Please refer directly to the pages listed below for more information about their privacy policies.

Google Analytics privacy policy
Facebook Inc. privacy policy

Cookies that EVANETH might use:

Google Analytics

(_ga, _gid, _gat, NID)

Analytics cookies that allow us to measure and analyze how visitors use the Website.Third partyPersistent
privacy_embedsStrictly necessary cookies, used to determine the user consent to the use of cookies on the Website.Own cookiesPersistent
PHPSESSIDStrictly necessary cookies, used to store variables of the user session during the navigation of the Website.Own cookiesSession

(woocommerce_cart_hash, wp_woocommerce_session_, woocomerce_items_in_cart, wjecf_free_product_coupons)

Strictly necessary cookies that contain information related to the shopping cart.Own cookiesSession

(_stripe_mid, _stripe_sid)

Functional cookies, necessary to manage payments with credit card.Third partyPersistent


Necessary functional cookies, contain the preferences on the language used by the user.Own cookiesSession


Necessary functional cookies, contain information on the favorite list of the products on the WebsiteOwn cookiesSession

(tsrce, ts, nsid, X-PP-SILOVER, AKDC, akavpau_ppsd,

enforce_policy, cookie_check, LANG, x-pp-s, X-PP-K,

PYFF, sc_f, UGZUWCKM6F_, c, session,


tcs, x-csrf-jwt)

Necessary functional cookies, to manage payments with Paypal.Third partyPersistent
tk_aiFunctional cookies contains data on visitor’s behavior used for analysis and website optimization.Third partyPersistent
Functional cookies contain information necessary for chat customer support service.Third partySession
Functional cookies contain information necessary for chat customer support service.Third partyPersistent
Analytics cookies that allow us to measure and analyze how visitors use the Website.Third partyPersistent
wfwaf-authcookie-(hash)Strictly necessary cookie used to improve security during Website’s usage.Own cookiesSession

This Informative table will be updated on the basis of the modifications made to the services offered on this Website. However, it may happen that during upgrades some cookies may be excluded, although they have the same purposes as those contained in this table.

It is possible to disable the use of cookies by configuring your browser in a suitable manner. Cookies are generally configured in the menu “Preferences” or “Tools”.
For more information regarding the configuration of cookies in your browser, refer to the “Help” menu in the browser itself.

Please note that the restriction to cookies may have an impact on your user experience and may prevent you from viewing part of the Website or from using some of the services provided by it.

From time to time, EVANETH may modify this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies, to adapt to changes in its commercial activities. EVANETH will communicate any changes made through a banner or pop-up on the Website or by forwarding an email if the change has a significant impact on your privacy.

EVANETH encourages you to periodically review this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies to stay updated on the ways in which EVANETH performs processing operations on the collected Personal Data and, if necessary, change your preferences with regard to such treatment.

In order to exercise your rights in relation to the processing of Personal Data held by EVANETH or for any question or comment on this Privacy Policy and use of Cookies you can:
• send a request via e-mail at contact@evaneth.com
• fill in the standard form, available on the CONTACT page of the Website
• send a request via postal address at: EVANETH/SHEZEN srl, Via Galileo Galilei – Palazzo Velathri, San Pietro in Palazzi – 57023, Cecina(LI)
• send a Whatsapp message at: +39 3755933153