My precious pregnancy ally

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pregnant woman surrounded by flowers

I’m about to become a mother

I have a life that pulsates in my womb, an organism that makes room within me with an explosive and exciting force, a “right to life” that he, so tiny, demands and obtains with all the energy that seems to be unleashed from the entire universe.

I am about to become a mother, so I feel the need to move as far away from tensions and stress as possible, on the contrary I feel the need to surround myself with everything that can give me harmonious sensations of well-being. First of all I discover how natural it is to seek balance within me, becoming aware of all those factors that could determine the positive development of my gestation and “its” growth.

I want a healthy sense of well-being

I want to get away when possible from noise, pollution, spend less time in the car for the benefit of walking in the middle of nature and discover beauty and serenity even in that small green handkerchief immersed in the city life.

From now on, I want to feed myself only on healthy foods, giving up foods that are too refined, pre-cooked or irradiated, consisting of destroyed molecules that can also satiate momentarily, but which are still devoid of vital energies. I don’t want to risk eating twice as much because of a sense of non-satiety, so I just want to feed myself with healthy foods and drink a lot more.
I also want to give strength and vigour to my body with physical activity, awaken that healthy sense of well-being deriving from constant exercise. I am sure that my little guest will also benefit.

The love for the creature I carry in my womb also increases the love for myself

I feel the need to take more care of my appearance, looking for natural products that can slow down the inevitable between pregnancy and lactation physical stress. Fear of cellulite, swelling of the legs and tissue sagging, especially of breasts, necessarily take up my time in search of natural, effective and safe solutions.

We all know that in pregnancy the breast “prepares” to breastfeed and increases the volume, in fact precisely in pregnancy the first big sagging takes place, but it is well masked by the physiological swelling. On the contrary, after breastfeeding exactly the opposite happens, that is, the breast has finished its job nurturing and tends to give in, to relax, to present itself without its natural compactness.

Fortunately, I have a precious pregnancy ally that I already use: BREAST BEAUTY GEL provides the answer to my fears, because it helps me to nourish the skin with 100% natural substances to maintain firmness, elasticity and tone.

breast beauty gel
breast beauty gel

I recommend it to all of you, who like me face this wonderful but also so demanding journey, always looking for natural and safe solutions for us and for the life that grows in our womb.

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