Mullein: prodigious ingredient that improves the radiance of the skin

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The flowers are the main tool that plants use to reproduce and exploit different expedients in order to compete better with other flowers to promote their visibility to pollinating insects: bright colors, height, scent ….

Mullein, botanical prodigy

Specifically, Mullein flowers are among those best equipped by Nature, because they possess the very rare characteristic connected to the transformation of light energy.

They are able to “collect” UV rays converting them into visible light to appear brighter and therefore be more visible precisely to have a better chance of attracting pollinators.

The Mullein is formed by spikes up to 2 meters high and the flowers are large and very bright yellow, gathered in numerous inflorescences, distributed more or less regularly along a large floral axis.

evaneth mullein

Useful properties for our well-being

The contributions that Mullein offers to our well-being are remarkable. From the leaves and flowers dried in the period of maximum flowering, mucilages, saponins, phytosterols and traces of essential oil are obtained.
The main use is expectorant thanks to saponins, to give relief against bronchitis, asthma, cough and cold symptoms; while the mucilages are able to calm the irritated mucous membranes and to soothe the irritations of the mouth.

The flavonoids exert a mildly diuretic action and the relative glucosides seem to have a particular anti-inflammatory activity, in fact, as is now known, they perform this specific action by enhancing the assimilation of vitamin C.
Mullein herbal tea is an old remedy against cough or cold, appreciated as mucolytic and expectorant.

Even at an animic level, Mullein has assumed in ancient times its fundamental importance, as it has been considered a plant with magical effects, because it served to avoid bad predictions. In complex Ayurvedic spiritual medicine it had positive effects on the resolution of excesses of mucus and toxins. Its ingredients are also used in homeopathic medicine.

Due to its soothing properties it is widely proven to be an excellent ally in cosmetic products for the face and body.
In popular use, for example, in addition to herbal teas, the use of the plant was also extended to external use both to prevent acne and as an adjuvant for the resolution of mastitis, or as a remedy for varicose vein through compresses with leaves, as well as with healing effects on wounds.
In addition, the flowers were the basis for the preparation of an ointment to treat the chilblains. But the importance is also and above all at the cosmetic level, the substances contained in mullein are in fact used to make hair shiny and enhance the natural color of the hair.

evaneth mullein

A revolutionary concept of radiance from flowers

One of the botanical compounds that Nature gives us to prevent lack of homogeneity and achieve  a radiant complexion is the Mullein. Recent studies have shown that Mullein flowers possess luminescent properties, that is, they have the ability to absorb UV light energy and emit it in the form of visible light. The photoluminescent phenomenon is mainly due to the presence of the polyphenolic compounds present in the flowers.

The illuminating peculiarities of Mullein have been successfully acquired by our brand new product: RADIANCE ESSENCE.

A refined and elegant texture, fresh and velvety, enriches your appearance with its floral brightness reflex, to guarantee you a shot of radiant beauty.

evaneth radiance essence
evaneth radiance essence
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