It’s time for teas, exercise and natural treatments

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Evaneth Thyme Tea and Anti-cellulite Gel

The big parties are gone, leaving behind a lot of gifts, of joyful emotions tied to the desire to share happiness and lavish lunches accompanied by cholesterol and sugars for many of us.
There is nothing better in this post-party period than trying to restore the fragments of our body’s wellness, cheerfully lost in the uninhibited climate of the last month.

Physical activity, diuretic and draining herbal teas

Body and spirit care, a little more physical activity and constantly consumed excellent diuretic and draining herbal teas can help to regularize the optimal functions of our organism, re-appropriating the common desire to get back in shape. And, as always happens, it will be our skin that will “inform us” about the health and wellness of our body.

And for those who, in this period, put on some extra “puffiness”, we recommend a precious natural ally: LIPOLYTIC ADJUVANT ANTI-CELLULITE GEL.

Thanks to its 100% natural active ingredients, it can help you to reshape over time and thus make you appreciate your body even more, awakening that necessary awareness to make you live  a renewed well-being with greater satisfaction.

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