Hyaluronic acid: “border line” between the past and a new concept of “cosmetics”

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Hyaluronic Acid

For some decades now, the countless qualities of Hyaluronic Acid  have been universally recognized. An incomparable molecule that has marked a “border line” between the past and a new concept of “cosmetics”. Thanks to this very important element more and more effective preparations have been proposed, able to give back deep hydration and turgor to the skin, also and above all for the skin marked by wrinkles and loss of tone, allowing to preserve freshness and the lasting sensation of youthful beauty.

The Hyaluronic Acid is found in our skin since birth…

The Hyaluronic Acid is a very important element (it is a polysaccharide, or a complex molecule of sugars), which is also found in our skin since birth and is present in the connective tissues of the dermis and of the subcutaneous layer. Its task is to maintain the degree of hydration, collect water molecules and retain them to lubricate and improve the appearance of the skin itself. It also prevents damage to cells from external physical stress (UVA-UVB, pollution, microorganisms…).

Its particles in fact form a grid capable of acting as a scaffold to maintain the shape and tone of the tissues, providing a plastic support function; as well as forming a structure capable of protecting the skin from the spread of bacteria, viruses and other possible infectious agents, imprisoning them thanks to the grid itself and making them helpless.

Interesting, isn’t it? In fact, also thanks to it we are able to avoid the onset of many problems, helping our skin to resist daily attacks that could harm our body.

Over the years,  the Hyaluronic Acid in our body tends to decrease…

Extremely significant is also the fact that the conjugation with Collagen (whose production is stimulated by Hyaluronic Acid itself) and with Elastin, can create a very powerful alchemy capable of increasing the level of turgor, plasticity and tone.

Thanks to the regeneration of the connective tissue, necessary in treatments against wrinkles, this combination can prevent aging of the skin, maintaining its optimal state for as long as possible. Oh yes, because over the years, Hyaluronic Acid in our body tends to decrease, so it is essential to integrate this “prodigious” molecule into cosmetics for all those who wish to preserve over time the skin with a silky, youthful and healthy appearance.

As written above, Hyaluronic Acid is now widespread in many cosmetic preparations, inserted in products for both the face and the body.
One of the best and most followed criteria for the use of this molecule is the one defined as “double molecular weight”.
This system is based on the “double effect”, that is, it offers a first action performed with very small particles and very low molecular weight, capable of penetrating through the epidermal layer, arriving in the dermis and with its own grid being able to nourish it, binding to the water already present inside.
The second action is implemented with larger molecules, with high molecular weight able to form a film on the external surface with a soothing action, to maintain hydration by counteracting water leaks, as well as to block pathogens before they can penetrate the skin.

Thanks to all these powerful and very important activities, Hyaluronic Acid has made it possible to create solutions of significant well-being, to guarantee with absolute certainty and in total safety a greater effectiveness and maximum support, thus optimizing the maintenance of an attractive beauty.

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