Eye Contour Gel – The sublime charm of a luminous glance

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evaneth eye contour gel licorice flower

Try to leave a space for imagination, after perceiving the sensory notes of Orchid and Silk Proteins that surround your eyes with renewed and uniform brightness.

The iconic vital heart of Licorice, symbol of this precious compound, encloses an evocative vitality to prevent the hyper-pigmentation and attenuate the appearance of bags and dark circles.

You will perceive the vibrant energy that emanates around your eyes, spread with the floral delicacy of its dynamic components, whose velvety texture blends perfectly with the fragility of the periocular area to moisturize and lift it.

evaneth eye contour gel testimonial

The sublime charm of a luminous glance

Fruit of a balanced and stimulating architecture, the EYE CONTOUR GEL is conceived to return hydration and smoothness, to attenuate bags and dark circles with a tiredness decongestant activity, leaving you in dowry the sublime sensation of seeing blooming your gaze, renovated, bright and charming.

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