Cellulite I hate you. In fact, no, I love you. Well let’s not exaggerate!

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Orange peel and cellulite

“Having mood swings is beautiful. It’s crap. It’s beautiful.” Perhaps the feelings of life can all be enclosed in this aphorism and, if we pause for a moment to reflect, even our relationship with cellulite causes mood swings capable of creating in ourselves the most absurd contradictions. And it’s just barely normal, because even the numbers push us into a limbo.

8 out of 10 women suffer from the cellulite imperfections. 2 liters of water per day to combat the liquids stagnation which, in turn, blocks the breakdown of subcutaneous lipids. 45 minutes of brisk walking for 3 times a week, preferably uphill. Cycles of lymphatic drainage massages 2 times a week for 3 months. And then the nightmare: diets. 1800 calories a day, 1600 indeed is better, you lose 4-5 kg in 30 days. But it’s not enough for us, no. Now they have created even more drastic diets, based on the consumption of a single food, or the latest “military diets”, 3 kg in 3 days, a nightmare in the nightmare …

…even the numbers push us into a limbo…

Obviously we are ironic, but only on the sacrifices of no small importance related to the criteria adopted to eradicate the unsightly effects on our body. The above numbers are all very valid and can really help reduce cellulite.

However, in the first place is physical activity. In fact, movement is the main work we must think about, as it is mainly aerobics that stimulates thermogenesis, to disintegrate the accumulations and stagnations of liquids and fats.Then, of course, we must drink 2 liters of water if possible, to moisturize our body and help eliminate the residues of the thermogenic process. And we must also ensure that the intake of food in meals is controlled, changing the diet, especially by limiting saturated fats, sugars and salt, in favor of fiber and unrefined products.

…we all can achieve victories…

A few rules after all, in any case we recommend avoiding DIY diets and always rely on an expert, who based on personal values will be able to give you precise indications. Finally, let’s not forget the genetic aspect: many women have to “suffer more than others” to obtain satisfactory results, instead let’s remember that we can all achieve victories even if at a higher price and therefore, please, let’s go ahead and try to avoid or control the inevitable mood swings.

To conclude, there are cuddles.
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