What do you think of Halloween?

1.4 min readCategories: FUNPublished On: October 27th, 2018
evaneth happy halloween

“Trick or treat?”

On one hand it is pleasant to see that Halloween is basically another way to make children socialize, when they all get together and leave in a pirate spirit to conquer a precious loot. To see the enthusiasm in all their gestures and to see their eyes twinkle when they “prey” the houses, all this is certainly very beautiful.

That is… Halloween is a party for children, where they remember witches, pumpkins, vampires, zombies and co., called forth to give fear to those who do not agree to deliver the loot.

And the “big ones” what do they think of Halloween Night?

Definitely not a night like the others…. But a long night dedicated to being influenced by sabbatical illusions and ancient and cathartic amusements.
It’s a magical night of unbridled fun, maybe a little too consumerist but anyway… not that the other holidays of the year are less so, right?

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