Welcome New Year

1 min readCategories: FUNPublished On: December 31st, 2018
happy new year message

Well, Christmas is gone, taking with it that childish inner joy capable of transmitting every year the emotion of our poetic – mystical, for some – childhood heritage. But it left us the joys of gifts, of unwrapped with trepidation and expectation packages, the sound of bagpipes, sumptuous dinners and lunches and colorful and sparkling lights everywhere.

Now, however, the childish tenderness must be left aside, already, because we are about to celebrate the arrival of the New Year which, mindful of its pagan origins, promises bacchanals, other lights, other dinners and a great tumult in every part of the world (by the way: beware with firecrackers…).

It is therefore renewed the opportunity to spend inebriating moments, intriguing or intimately warm and romantic evenings, however lived with a spectacle of hairstyles and refined makeups and carefully chosen clothes to express sensuality and the joy of living.

And then, let’s get ready to shoot in burst to announce the end of the “old” year and the solemn arrival of the “new”, which as usual will bring with it days, weeks, months full of expectations, hopes and dreams.

To all of you, Happy New Year!

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