Scents and colors of Spring

1 min readTags: Categories: FUNPublished On: April 15th, 2019
spring landscape

Spring surprises us as always with a myriad of scents that inebriate the air and with a multitude of colors that satisfy our aesthetic sense, giving that magical perfused with an exciting beauty feeling of awakening to life.

A full blossoming of flowers, be they of meadows or of plants. The renewal strikes us, it stuns us wherever we turn our gaze, delighting us with the essences that accompany the kaleidoscopic vision, extended as far as the eye can see all around us.

Loving ourselves and treating ourselves well, to appear more and more beautiful

Apple and apricots trees, but also almond trees, peaches and cherry trees, dress their branches in pink, mottled white, soft lilac, flowers suspended on our heads like stars descended to be admired in all their splendid rebirth.

Meadows, fields and gardens, lush green stretches mottled by daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, tulips, camellias …., each with its own typical color and scent, inviting in awakening all our senses.

An invite to love ourselves and treat ourselves well, to appear more and more beautiful on the exciting wave of awakening, illuminating the world in our own way with the joyful awareness of our special identity.

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