March 8: A flower to give a sense of rebirth

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vase with flowers

March 8: it is our festivity, an important day to remember the social, economic and political achievements of us women. Nowadays it has also become a pure worldly event with a commercial and convivial character.

To us women like to go out of the nest, make ourselves known to the world, celebrate March 8 in the company of other women. In fact, we organize exclusive dinners in which we can finally express in absolute freedom our spirit of gossip, without paying too much attention to formalities or style. A kind of chattering sabbath, which we, new witches of any age or social background, like so much.
Others of us instead decide to revive their status as princesses and, dreaming of golden carriages and sumptuous clothes, indulge in the flattery of their vigorous princes who agree to celebrate the event with decent submission, in the form of gifts of all kinds. But only for that day… noblesse oblige… in the remaining days of the year, in fact, we know very well that the eternal struggle between Venus and Mars for the domination of the territory will be consumed daily.

A flower to give a sense of rebirth

Instead, hear hear! The idea of combining a flower with this event came to us Italian women, precisely in Rome in the post-war period, to cheer up the festivities and at the same time give a sense of rebirth by raising ourselves on the ruins also moral that the war had left us, waving a symbol of spring.

We were saying… single women, women with women, women with their partner, we all have the desire to celebrate, to have fun, to feel important and to free ourselves from inhibitions and formalities. To achieve this goal we do not leave anything out: from makeup to hairstyle, from dress to shoes, from accessories to maximum elegance according to own tastes. Finally, the choice of the location, which must obviously be able to valorise us and make us feel admired as much as possible.
For this reason, we use the utmost care to increase our weapons of seduction and therefore we valorise the eyes with the best makeup, we make our dècolletè stand out, we feed with an intriguing and magical touch that sensuality that makes us special in the eyes of those who love us or who admire us…or who envies us.

You will receive a gift… a statement, a bouquet of flowers

To us women like to be caressed even with a glance, we look for that kind of sight that causes the right alchemy with our innate desire for pleasure and we do a lot to insinuate desires and sensory perceptions. On that day, even the most shy of us light up a magical fire, made of exuberance and joy that awakens the purest side of our being a Woman. You will accept an invitation to dinner, you will receive a gift… a statement, a bouquet of flowers, you will plan a trip.

Now it’s time to prepare to show off your weapons of seduction: your dècollète in the coming days will capture the attention of your Valentino with a charge of soft sensuality, because during the holidays you want to be more and more queen, of those who leave a sign of fascinating beauty.

We recommend our line of natural products, born from the essence of flowers to enhance the elegance of a seductive neckline that suggests desire and perceptions of vital senses. To illuminate your gaze with a vibrant light and caress your skin with a silky texture, thus feeding with an intriguing and magical touch that sensuality that makes you special in the eyes of the one who loves you.

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