Lipolytic Adjuvant Anti-cellulite Gel: richness, effectiveness and safety from nature

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evaneth Lipolytic Adjuvant Anti-cellulite Gel

There is an essential condition for fully experiencing well-being. First of all try to live peacefully, accepting ourselves and therefore our body, with its limits and its faults. But it is good to remember that well-being is not only a condition already achieved, but is also inherent in the path that leads to it.

A little big secret: improve, research, live well-being step by step, progressively feeding the stimuli that can lead to a rewarding goal.

Live well-being step by step

We are all looking for solutions that allow us to find the necessary balance to live harmoniously well-being. Our body does not completely satisfy us, those lipid accumulations under the skin are unsightly, water retention unsettle us and maybe we just lack the time to do some physical exercise.

We at evaneth offer you the ADJUVANT LIPOLYTIC ANTI-CELLULITE GEL, a valid avant-garde aesthetic treatment formulated specifically to give to each woman the emotion of a progressive improvement of the silhouette.

evaneth anti-cellulite gel

Natural ingredients for a progressive improvement of the silhouette

From the inestimable riches of the sea we have used the powerful draining properties of algae such as Gelidium, Fucus and Laminaria combined with effective smoothing and nourishing activities of noble concentrated phytoextracts such as Green Coffee, Citrus Aurantium, Guaranà, in synergy with the draining and rebalancing action of Horse Chestnut, Ivy and Birch.

The powerful energy of the compound helps to reduce water retention, intervenes on skin imperfections caused by localized cellulite and adiposity, to give the skin a more toned, elastic and silky appearance.

Thanks to its 100% natural active ingredients, enclosed in a glass coffer, the LIPOLYTIC ADJUVANT ANTI-CELLULITE GEL will be able to help us over time to reshape and, therefore, to make us appreciate our body even more, awakening that necessary awareness to make us live with greater satisfaction the renewed well-being.

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